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The Rubiks @ The Maze
13/10/2010 : gigs

Nottingham's young stars of the local indie scene. Jake Bugg with his band The Rubiks.
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In the kitchen looking for food
19/10/2010 : personal


Sport for all
18/10/2010 : personal

A squash match.


Camera club #1
15/10/2010 : personal

The sunken church, Bramcote village. Early Saturday morning.

The Sunken Church. Bramcote

The Sunken Church. Bramcote

My little boy
01/09/2010 : personal


Thinking outside the box. Got junk?
24/08/2010 : personal

Finally I sold my coffee table on Ebay. It's taken a while, but some lucky punter snapped a great bargain.
If your serious about web browsers and Ebay like I am, then I highly reccommend you surf the crest of the web with Google Chrome.

A blog a day helps you work, rest, & get ranked
23/08/2010 : geek

The amount of people who ask me "how do I get my site listed at the top of Google" is unbelievable. It's a good question though, so I thought I'd kick off my new site with a bit of a 'how to' blog.

All businesses really want now days is to be sitting top of the pops of Google's hall-of-fame ranking. Myself included.

It's all well and good having loads of ad-words setup to generate traffic, but there is another way to increase your sites ranking without having to spend thousands of pounds a year on Google's ever-increasing PPC(pay per click) costs.

"How" I hear you scream. The answer is simple. Start blogging!

Google thrives on content, so by adding more(your bloggs) to your website, you will organically increase keyword-rich pages and the chances of link-backs from bigger, quality sites to your own website.

Heres how it works:-

Lets say your website contains 10 pages. Each time you add a new blog to your site, them nice Google bots will index it.

Within no time at all(depending on how many blogs you write) you can easily double the indexed pages for your website, therefore gaining a higher Google ranking.

It really is that easy.

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